What people are saying about A Roadkill Opera

“Songs like “Impress Them,” “Cod Piece Dining,” “Jello,” and (Gonna buy my old granddad a) “Geo,” pair offbeat humor with beautiful vocals and music.”

Pam Schipper, writing in the Gaithersburg Town Courier at http://towncourier.com/parkers-a-roadkill-opera-is-pure-punk/.

A profound and enjoyable piece of art that speaks to the modern condition. “A Roadkill Opera” is a 59 minute “must have” step into the future of music. This sounds almost like a spoof but it is not. Enjoy.

Rod Diridon, Sr.

“It’s great music from a lesser-known composer. … Beethoven based his ‘Leonora’ on Paer’s. Stephan did a wonderful job of keeping the integrity of the music.”  

Jeffrey Dokken, Conductor and Music Director for the Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia (SONOVA)

The Roadkill Opera was amazing! The singing was fantastic and the lyrics were a lot of fun.


How cool.


I listened to your opera yesterday while driving from Florida to Birmingham, Alabama.  I didn’t realize it would be so funny.  The performers are superb and it is a very good recording.  It would really lend itself to an over-the-top period costuming and décor.  Or at least an original style production like the retro Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Company.


About The Tampa Really Terrible Orchestra:  I just received a fakebook and CD for an opera, “Roadkill.”  I think we can begin auditions for the opera and build from there.



This is fantastic. Right up my alley. Can’t wait to get the music so I can start playing it badly.


I want to be chair of the brass section.  Can’t play a lick.


Just want you to know that we appreciate and enjoy your Road Kill Opera track. After listening to it, I saved a copy for Jenny and I and gave the CD to my son. He is heavy into the ‘Tenors’ and Opera Vocals and immediately began playing it for our Grandson who enjoys music at 9 months old. The rich music and outstanding vocals makes us wish we were watching it live however, it is very imaginative on its own.


Stephan, thanks so much for the CD! A very pleasant surprise. I have listened a few times and will pass it on to Dick. I have sent the web link around as well. It is funny because two summers age in Boise I met ____ and found that like me he is a trombone player AND the leader of the Reno Jazz Orchestra. He became an engineer as he was not making it as a band leader for a while. He has since retired and is now full time with the Band. I have always told people that when I retire one of the things I planned to do was be a street musician in Portland, OR. My son lives there with his wife who is an Opera Singer (and Whole Foods Deli manager) and just went back to school for some more training. We would make a great pair out on the street.


 An enjoyable way to spend an hour. After listening to the opera a few times with your wife, don’t be surprised when your wife wakes up in the morning and you ask her how she is doing her response is, “I feel like a road kill!”. You will enjoy!


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Stephan is a brilliant man. You’ll enjoy this immensely.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, July 12, 2014

by Franz Liszt

Stephan’s dedication to his search made you keep reading. Does he find the music? Never thought finding roadkill could make me laugh.
4.0 out of 5 stars laughed out loud July 02, 2013
by Cindy J.


It seems the phrase “renaissance man” gets attached to anyone who does more than one thing these days. So, I’m not going to use it here. Parker is a creative generalist. He is a guy with the curiosity to do things just to see if he can. He is a dude with a style of humor that pushes him to get it right,even while he’s loving the imperfections and ad libs. He is a fellow who wants to have fun, and hopes others will have fun along with him. He is a philosopher who sees a continuous thread running through the events and artifacts he shares. This book is a record of making fun, making memories, making art, and making it all add up to something more. Read it, then go and make something.

5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t miss making myth-making, February 7, 2013
by Bob