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SONOVA Gala Tonight: Donated Basket from A Roadkill Opera

If you haven’t already bought your tickets to the Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia’s Symphonic Magic Concert (tonight, 7 pm, at the George Washington Masonic Memorial Theater in Alexandria, Virginia) you will want to jump right on it.  SONOVA’s Music Director and Conductor, Jeffrey Dokken, has been instrumental in bringing A Roadkill  Opera to life and reviving interest in the music of Ferdinando Paer.

Poster says: SONOVA Gala Basket 2016 Jeffrey Dokken conducts & sings! Basket value over $60 includes: A Roadkill Opera: World Premiere Deluxe Color Edition (book); studio recorded CD; piano/vocal score; bottle opener; 100% cotton hat; chopsticks/batons (pair); and more! Studio recorded CD has SONOVA's Jeffrey Dokken, Michael Thompson, Martine Micozzi, Val Rauch World Premiere Book has many others! SONOVA players in A Roadkill Opera world premiere performance January 2016 on GoPro video 
Description of the basket donated by Roadkill On A Stick Frozen Foods Publishing for the Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia (SONOVA) Gala 2016, Symphonic Magic

In anticipation of this event, a GoPro video of a January 2016 world premiere performance of A Roadkill Opera has been uploaded onto the Roadkill Opera YouTube channel. The video provides the first opportunity for those who were not able to attend the sold-out shows in January to see what the fuss is all about. That show featured numerous personnel associated with SONOVA, including four who are also on the studio recording: Jeffrey Dokken, Martine Micozzi, Michael Thompson, and Val Rauch.